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Nalini Advani, MSPT graduated from Arcadia University, PA in 1985 and after having worked in Philadelphia for 3 ½ years she re-located to Hong Kong. Nalini worked in Hong Kong first as the Director of Physical Therapy & then as the Rehabilitation Coordinator at a prestigious hospital. Upon returning to the US in 1998, Nalini worked as a personal physical therapist for Michael Chang and has been honored to be included in Michael Chang's autobiography Ô¨§ing ServeÓď®e has worked extensively with professional athletes both at ATP and PGA events worldwide including Patrick Rafter, Tiger Woods & Ernie Els. Nalini continues to cover the Legg-Mason Tennis Classic yearly in Washington DC. She specializes in manual therapy and postgraduate education includes Maitland, McKenzie, Mulligan, Butler, Jull & McConnell.